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How it happened:
I love trying new makeup. All kinds. I belong to one of the many monthly makeup subscriptions out there as well! Products began to pile up and I started jotting down notes on which ones I liked best, which ones I didn't like and why. Problem was, I found myself writing those notes on little scraps of paper... one here, one there and just like the makeup itself- it started piling up! So I organized my makeup and then sat down and composed this log and I love it! It's a tremendous help and I'm all for a little of that! I hope it helps you as well!


Welcome to my world of illustration!


Hello and welcome to my design site!

I love helping others in expressing their own love and excitement for special moments in their lives! I provide confidence boosting content and art for web and business branding, wedding, baby shower, a child's birthday, a large function or a small intimate dinner party -what ever you can dream up!



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