Printable makeup organization kit

Printable makeup organization kit


How it happened:
I love trying new makeup. All kinds. I belong to one of the many monthly makeup subscriptions out there as well! Products began to pile up and I started jotting down notes on which ones I liked best, which ones I didn't like and why. Problem was, I found myself writing those notes on little scraps of paper... one here, one there and just like the makeup itself it started piling up! So I organized my makeup and then sat down and composed this log and I love it! It's a tremendous help and I'm all for a little of that! I hope it helps you as well.

You can print and keep in a cute binder (Target has some pretty ones!) I like the small personal size to put in my little, pink Kate Spade planner. I'm currently creating some printable stickers too.

There are 15 pages to this makeup log including cover and back!

Tools you might need:
Hole punch
Cute binders, scrapbook or clipboard
Stickers, glitter, glue - Let you imagination run with this!

The makeup log pages are designed with full bleed however, due to some printer settings- a white border may appear around the printable. Some printers are designed to remove this white border and some are not. 

This is a digital download. There is NO physical product in this listing. I cannot offer refund, exchanges or returns. Please keep in mind that colors may vary depending on monitor settings so printed colors may not match your monitor's display exactly. 


**You will receive!:

3 PDF files in binder/scroll form. 8.5 x 11, 5.5 x 8.5 and small personal size approx 6.73 x 3.74 You can print


3 JPEG zips containing a jpeg for each page in all 3 sizes 


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