I decided I wanted to play in polymer clay and WaaaaLa! 

No…… It was not that easy. I can't even type that sentence with a straight face. However, once again I had a picture in my head and I went for it. When I get in to things like this I don't even think. I just put blinders on and go to town. Sometimes they come out - sometimes they don't but I'm pretty happy with these cute little "stuff" keepers and I have soooo many more in my head. What stuff you say? Jewelry, keys and change come to mind!

How big are they?
I know I just took a couple of quick snapshots and you really can't get a sense of size. The tree and blue bird is 4.75" in diameter as is the "grateful" dish. The other two are 4" in diameter.

They are not perfect and THAT'S what I love about hand-made! So much love goes in to my creations - I can't stand it!! I hand rolled the roses so they are very organic looking as well.

The two little ones are very pale pink with hand painted tiny roses and liquid gold dots and trim. They are adorable and would be wonderful in a shabby chic styled home! Actually, these girls already have new homes! The liquid gold really brought this to life.

The "grateful" dish is pretty flat with a slight rounded edge while the tree and blue bird dish has a predominant side to it. When I was finished I coated them with a thick gloss to protect and shine.

Since I feel the need to make a gazillion more of these I will be Personalizing them with initials and dates and you will probably see them in my etsy store very soon along with my shabby prints. They will be packaged in these pretty 7" tins and shreds!


01/03/2014 10:26am

I just found your blog:) It' s cute:) Today on my blog, recap my illustrations from 2013. I invite and I greet:)


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