I am in the midst of creating something BIG!  

And for weeks I have been thinking of keeping my business SMALL. Know what I mean?

Well, I just have to share this blog post by Abby Kerr with you - so inspirational!  I had a hard time trying to convey my small business thinking (even to myself) until I came across this!  She says it all… Read on in her post  "Scaling my Business for Small"

Sorry it's been a while - things have been a little crazy around here! 

It's snowing AGAIN this morning and while I am a snow bird (or "bunny" in my younger days :) I just can't get my mind off of Spring. It's colors, it's smells, it's "ahhhhhhhnesssss" if there is such a thing.

So I have decided to do a little pre-spring sale on my Mint Leather Double the Silver bangles over in my shop as a pick-me-up during this round of snow. It won't last long so head on over there and check it out!


If you have ever purchased bangles with any kind of beading on them - they tend to spin to the bottom of your wrist and really all you see is the top (chain, leather, whatever it might be). I rectified this issue with balancing these pretty silver tube beads on each piece of 2mm cool mint leather so that you get the bling AND the beautiful leather! I love these things!
Mint Leather Double Silver tube bead bangles Sales!

One night I had a dream of a little red dot slowly turning into a lovely pink rose - and then out from the middle of the rose came a heart and the petals turned to wings!!  I know, I know I have crazy dreams when I eat ice-cream before bed but this one I just had to somehow get out of me and on to paper.

And before I got start my watercolor sketches I want to share two of my MOST FAVORITE designers and their own sketches:

Ralph Lauren
Christian Lacroix

Have an awesome day everyone!  I know it's monday - Keep following your dreams!

I decided I wanted to play in polymer clay and WaaaaLa! 

No…… It was not that easy. I can't even type that sentence with a straight face. However, once again I had a picture in my head and I went for it. When I get in to things like this I don't even think. I just put blinders on and go to town. Sometimes they come out - sometimes they don't but I'm pretty happy with these cute little "stuff" keepers and I have soooo many more in my head. What stuff you say? Jewelry, keys and change come to mind!

How big are they?
I know I just took a couple of quick snapshots and you really can't get a sense of size. The tree and blue bird is 4.75" in diameter as is the "grateful" dish. The other two are 4" in diameter.

They are not perfect and THAT'S what I love about hand-made! So much love goes in to my creations - I can't stand it!! I hand rolled the roses so they are very organic looking as well.

The two little ones are very pale pink with hand painted tiny roses and liquid gold dots and trim. They are adorable and would be wonderful in a shabby chic styled home! Actually, these girls already have new homes! The liquid gold really brought this to life.

The "grateful" dish is pretty flat with a slight rounded edge while the tree and blue bird dish has a predominant side to it. When I was finished I coated them with a thick gloss to protect and shine.

Since I feel the need to make a gazillion more of these I will be Personalizing them with initials and dates and you will probably see them in my etsy store very soon along with my shabby prints. They will be packaged in these pretty 7" tins and shreds!

I'm up to a few things….
I will design and create a custom fine art giclee print for you based off of my original painting of "She Will Fly".  Here are two examples perfect for new baby nursery, remembrance or inspirational quotes!

Your print will be 11 x 14 on luscious somerset velvet paper. Visit my shop for more details!
They made it to my SHOP!
The prints are so much more in person.
They are velvety and vibrant on lovely thick paper.
The inks just pop and are so rich and decadent!

12 x 12
11 x 14 or 8.5 x 11
I can't even tell you how GREAT this would be for a spot in this course!  The winner will be announced on Friday December 13th (which happens to be a lucky number for me...) Keep your fingers crossed!
I really love the look and feel of vintage shabby chic so I created this new 12 X 12 borderless print from my original large painting! This will be available for pre-order soon, as well as "She Will Fly" so submit your notice form below and you will be the first to know!

This print is on a decadent luxury heavy paper and is beautiful framed or unframed.

In the mean time I have been back to my easel painting angel wings and the collection is coming together!

Stay tuned!

Have a wonderful week!

"She Will Fly" is 8x10 and/or a beautiful 11x14 thick, lovely paper that looks just like the original painting. Borderless.

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